Which Vita Liberata Tanning product is Best for You?

Tanning can be a daunting experience. Especially if you don’t know what to do. So we have put together a simple guide on which products suits your needs.

Vita Liberata is renowned for their organic and natural-ingredient tanning products. Loved by celebrities (and used by Victoria’s Secret Angels) we are super excited to divulge some of their serets!

If you are struggling to figure out which self tan product is best for you, keep reading.

New to Tanning?

You’re new to tanning and you don’t know what to use. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of products out there promising to give you that streak-free glow you’d die for. Well we recommend Vita Liberata’s Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion.

The SUPER lightweight formula melts seamlessly into your skin without leaving the dreaded sticky or greasy residue behind. Formulated with the Odour Remove™ technology, you won’t have to worry about that infamous tanning smell that gets left behind with other self tanning products. It contains a unique blend of organic botanicals which helps nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving your skin healthy whilst providing a subtle glow.

To use, make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated (do not moisturize). Once applied, wait at least 4-8 hours for the tan to develop then shower off. To get a more intense glow, repeat the same steps for two days.

AED. 100.00

Are you an Overnighter?

Some of us want to apply our tan and get some well deserved shut-eye. If this is you then Vita Liberata’s Invisi Water is for you.

Tanning water has gained huge popularity over the years as it absorbs into your skin almost immediately meaning it doesn’t transfer to your clothes or bedding, it doesn’t have that tanning smell and you can continue with your day (or night) without worrying about leaving behind those orange “I Was Here” stains.

Vita Liberata’s Invisi Water comes in 3 shades: Light/Medium, Medium/Dark and Super Dark. Made with the brand’s Advoganic™ technology, the tan is super hydrating, which means your skin won’t be left dry, scaly or patchy, leaving behind an even glow.

 AED. 126.00

Last-Minute Sally?

Need an enviable glow fast? Forgot to get your tan on? Well, not to fear, Vita Liberata’s Ten Minute has got you covered.

Where else can you get a streak-free tan in just 10 minutes? With this product (our absolute fave by the way), you can achieve this in just 10 minutes and wash it off for a colour that continues to build-up for the next 4-8 hours.

We love to apply this with a tanning mitt as it is quite thick and best applied incredibly evenly.

AED. 140.00

Looking for a Long-Lasting Tan?

Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal Tan lasts for up to 2-3 weeks without flaking or peeling for a tan that lasts as long as you need it to.

This tan works to nourish and keep your skin feeling super healthy, whilst giving you a lush golden glow. As well as being formulated with 70% organic extracts, it’s exclusive pHenO2 technology helps this tan last up to 4 times longer than your regular self-tanning products.

It has a lightly whipped mousse texture, which melts into the skin upon application and doesn’t leave it feeling sticky or greasy.

 AED 170.00


You’ve made a mistake. You’re covered in streaks. Your tan is uneven. Now is the perfect time to incorporate Vita Liberata’s Body Blur and Trystal Minerals into your tanning routine.

.. covered in streaks and uneven tan

Body Blur is a tinted lotion, famed for giving your skin an airbrushed finish, it evens out your skin tone, and can also be worn with out any tanning products. If you’ve made any tanning errors, Body Blur is the perfect solution to cover up these flaws.  

AED 146.00


…on your face

If you have applied self tan on your face and missed a spot, or forgotten to tan completely, you will love Vita Liberata’s Trystal Minerals.

The loose powder contains the brands signature Trystal3™ Technology and micronised crystals, which not only give instant and flawless coverage, but also contain DHA to gently tan the skin over a long period of time.

The powder feels super lightweight and uses a blend of organic ingredients to nourish the skin and keep it healthy and glowing.

 AED 170.00 

Our mission? Picking the best beauty brands and products, and guide women towards finding their own beauty routine to a beautiful and healthy skin.

Firas Kazma, CEO