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We are a team of passionate beauty curators, dedicated to bringing authentic, efficient and clean beauty products to the Middle East market. We are the exclusive distributors for all the brands we work with and we guarantee nothing but the best quality products whether it's for you, a loved one or your beauty clients - we have something for everyone..

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Our team is made of people who grew up with the passion of cosmetics and beauty. We want to guarantee you that all our products are reaching the highest standards. This is why we do not just sell products: we are using them everyday

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We are a team of passionate beauty curators who believe in the idea that authentic, efficient and clean beauty will revolutionize the way we think about cosmetics, an idea we think should be spread widely!



We are exclusive distributors for ALL the brands you see! We work with these brands to bring you and your businesses the BEST products, guaranteeing the BEST quality. Why give your clients less, when you can give them more?



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Nouveau Lashes & beauty

Enhance Mascara


Enhance Mascara

Dhs. 143
Specifically developed to give glamorous volume to individual lash extensions, without affecting the adhesive bond. The unique formulation helps support natural lash growth, whilst nourishing and strengthening properties promote healthy lashes. Simply remove with warm water. Suitable for individual lash extensions, LVL Lashes and natural lashes. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes